Hello, my name is

Nina Ratiu

Critical Thinker, Innovator,  Data Enthusiast

About me

As a natural transformational leader and a result-driven individual, I want to play a vital part in fusing sustainability and technology in Worcester Bosch's customer journey using data. With a proven track record of initiative and commitment, I have developed strategic ideas that I feel would benefit Worcester Bosch.

“If you look at history, innovation doesn’t just come from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.” – Steven Johnson

I’ve polished my trend-spotting and market-analysis skills throughout the course of my career and academmic life. I am a trustworthy and effective problem-solver who excels at prioritizing and managing projects.

In prior positions, I contributed to team efforts and company advancements through communication, problem-solving, and data analysis. I am a progressive thinker who keeps up with current advancements in a variety of disciplines. I’ve demonstrated that I’m a capable decision-maker who is both effective and collaborative.

Why me?

Passionate about data , I am eager to better explore Bosch’s resources for a more reliable, sustainable and innovative work environment. With an experience of two dynamic years in the company as an intern, I had the chance to see the results of my research work in action.



I founded my first NGO at fifteen years - embracing innovative thinking and leadership from an early age by organising charitable events in my community.

Critical Thinker

A avid reader and a good student, I developed exellent critical thinking skills through researching not only the latest technological avancements, but also through understanding the bias in data and the challenges we currently face.


Bosch's values become deeply rooted in my vision about world, so my biggest domains of interest are technology advancement, social, environamental and economic sustainability.

Hard Skills

Sustainability & Industry Knowledge
Office 360 Suite Specialist Certified
AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
CompTIA A+ Certified Technician
Hootsuite Platform Certification

Your type?


July-September 2021

Active Research for


field researcher

I was conducting valid, high-quality in-person interviews for our client IPSOS MORI by approaching over 250 respondents proactively, conducting interviews by visiting the fields, resolving inconsistencies or imperfections in interview responses, reviewing data for accuracy, coding the desired results, adhering to the project deadline, and complying to GDPR legislation and project protocols.

January-June 2021

Worcester Bosch

Manager: Dawn Ginger

Spares Planning and Procurement Intern

Supporting over 350 Service Engineers in the ordering process by ensuring that all orders are appropriately handled, resolving any difficulties that may arise such stock discrepances and delivery issues, providing part numbers and technical advice, resolving CRM exceptions and exceeding all departmental targets to ensure the ‘first time fix’ KPI.

August - November 2020


First point of contact for stock inquiries, delivery inquiries, and complaints inquiries, fostering good corporate responsibility. Implementing new reporting capabilities for Bluehost's e-commerce platform in order to improve data accuracy and financial performance.


Worcester Bosch 

Manager: Matthew Waldron

Engineering Serivices Admin Intern

Managed three major individual research projects that assisted the department in better understanding employee mental health, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as departmental positioning in the market and the renewable opportunity – the final and most challenging project was presented to the Board of Directors and like to think that influenced business decision. In the Technical Support Department, I provided excellent customer service over the phone by completing fault-finding processes for customers and installers while also learning about sustainability systems and the heating and hot water sector.

Ah, and I created a video a while ago....

I believe my academic studies will enhance Bosch's strategic capabilities.